Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some real tough decisions... Welcome to Thailand

So on my first trip to Southeast Asia I had no IDEA the decisions I would be faced with.  Heres just a taste i have been faced with by the end of day 2 in Phuket

1.  Stay up all night on Qatar Airlines, in a plush seat watching movies, drinking free booze, playing video games and eating food that should be served in 5 star restaurants 
    OR go to sleep

2.  Rice noodles, wheat noodles, fried noodles, steamed noodles, or RICE

3.  Mobility by FOOT... BICYCLE... MOPED.. CAR

4.  Ending a long day of work at the pool or the beach


So after 36 hours of travel and a week in Vegas my first day was pretty unproductive.  I managed to make it Phuket at 3pm on Tuesday after flying out of Vegas at 11pm Saturday night.  Yeah - but when you sit on your porch at night looking out at paradise you just cant complain.

So for those of you who do not know how I ended up here let me briefly explain.  Heres the set up.

1.  4 years ago talk Dad & Mom into sending me for a summer in Costa Rica
        (yeah it goes wayyyyy back)

2.  Stay in touch with those wonderful girls I met 

3.  Go to Bridget's wedding this past April (who woulda thunk it.. haha j/jk)

4.  Run into Zaid  - another friend from that fateful summer in Costa

5.  Convince Zaid to PAY ME TO TRAVEL THE WORLD selling the underwater dive book that he has written.

6. Quit my steady pay check and travel the world

AND NOW YOU FIND ME about 3 trips and 6 islands later - Here in Phuket, Thailand until mid December.


Anonymous said...

hi Martina. This is Grandma from Twigg homebase. Just to make you feel extra good, this morning it is 46 degrees here. Hope to see some photos soon.

Zaid said...

Ok so I am not paying you TO travel. I am paying you to SELL while traveling. dork!

Melissa Ellen said...

that sounds awesome! stay safe!

Sue said...

He just THINKS he's paying you to sell the book ...
(Zaid, she really is doing the selling part, too ... at least that's what she says ...)
As fall / winter takes over the east coast, most all of us wish we were there!

LiLi in Europe said...

Keep on keepin' on! Come work for us in Netherlands. Having a good time while working is not a problem with JJ&L.