Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Not afraid to admit... I'm that small kid..."

And things are a little different when your a westerner in the east.

So lets examine some of the oddities :)

****Driving - ok we learned by experience don't trust an american CROSSING THE ROAD (when they do it backwards) much less let them drive. That was a fun time in Jamaica, huh guys? Well I've learned not only to drive on the "WRONG" side of the road, but also to throw EVERY TRAFFIC LAW OUT THE OPEN WINDOW... well except wearing a seat belt and they are NO JOKE about that around here. U-turn anywhere you want, run a red light if you dont feel like waiting, the only "no passing zone" that exists is one that may cause death (but thats all in the eye of the beholder), I was told the other day "they dont give out moving violations so drive as fast as you want"

****Motorbikes - since we are on the topic of driving (i guess you can call it that) dont not be alarmed to see a man driving a motorbike with his wife and two kids behind him, possibly another small child and/or dog as his feet and all of them carrying groceries, bookbags and even new born babies (MONSOON or SUNSHINE). Yes folks, nothing is off limits

Entertainment (I will touch on those subjects which are appropriate for all ages)
**** Movies - Yep already saw the new Bond movie last sunday, which I found out hasnt even hit theaters there yet... guess yall dont have it all do ya?? haha Anyway lemme explain how this works, you buy a ticket and pick your seat (yes reserved seating) if you chose to upgrade from a 120baht ticket (a little under 3 buck) to a 500baht ticket (about 15 dollars) you can have a couch, eat at a buffet before the movie, watch a movie without freezing since you have your own blanket and access to the never ending popcorn. But hell when 3 dollars gets you a better reclining seat than any 15 dollar movie ticket in the states why even bother!

Oh yeah one other thing - "Please stand for the King" - for all you foreigners that I have ever heard bitch about standing for our national anthem at sporting events or even the circus, you might want to avoid Thailand movie theaters. Yes everyone stands while a video of the King and national anthem is played before every movie starts.

**** Pedicures/ Manicures - this is one thing I truly do miss. Although you can't beat a 4 dollar mani/pedi ladies please don't take that nice pedicure massage chair & hot massaging water for granted. I had my first one here the other day and dont get me wrong they did a wonderful job, but i stuck my feet and hands in buckets to soak, the young lady did my mani/pedi right there in the seat I had picked in the waiting area (the second one was less informal), but there are no desks where they do your nails, they put a throw pillow on your lap and stick a towel over it and there ya go! Wa-la!!! But hey they are still awesome and especially for 4 bucks!

**** Eating - I LOVE that I can stop at pretty much any noodle place, and by place i mean cart on the side of the road and get dinner for a little over a dollar! Can you really beat a great meal for that cheap???


** People honk at the temples as the cross the big hills into Kata or Patong for Good Luck (and i thought it was my bad driving skills)

** I think I am safer as a single woman wandering around that I would be if I was a single man - when it gets dark (well even before then) the Thai ladies come out hunting for their prey

** You can always pick out a tourist (this was pointed out to me) The guys are always in flipflops, sunburned without shirts and walking the streets with beer in hand and the girls are always in cute little sundress, oversized sunglasses and with an over the should beach bag

** Eating in a food court brings back memories of college. Fill your meal card with 100 baht and GO WILD!! Go from station to station and pick food, let them swipe you card until you can swipe no more. Sound familiar?

** The old Westerner with the young Thai lady - I will leave it at that.

"...Mama don't you worry,
They wont change,
100,000 miles ain't nothin to me..." ~Eli Young Band, Small Town Kid

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