Sunday, November 2, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning.

On my first day "off" since I got here on Tuesday I decided to do a little sight-seeing. If you click on the pictures link to to the left "Sa-wat-dii" (meaning HELLO in Thai) you will see the temples of Wat Chalong, a working monastery close by. Its very surreal to stand at the base of these Buddhist temples and see the intricate artwork and handcraft that construct these houses of worship. I do not know much about them so I have some reading and research to do, but as I learn more I will keep you updated.

So on to the real excitement of the night - I wish you were here to enjoy a bunch of drunk european men in their mid to late 60's, sitting at our hotel restaurant, singing a chorus of sing-a-longs: Johnny Cash, UB40, "Louie-Louie", "The Twist", and arguing about who first wrote "Red Red Wine" and where Neil Diamond was born. It really is a sight.

Just another day with the ex-pats :)


sonshine momma said...

You following the election? It is truly interesting. I just got home, daddy has been glued to the tube...many states are too close to call. Voting was interesting this AM. I went at 7AM (go figure!?)I had to wait in line for just about one hour!?!?! In the past, I have been able to walk in, see no one else while I am there, and split after my cpl min voting. Daddy thinks Obama is gonna take VA!?!?!?! Interesting.
How is everything? I'm gonna link you with Twig, Phyllis,& Harriet from dr J's. It's raining here...dreary day. Hope your day has been better than the one here. Love you! momma T

sonshine momma said...

Anxiously awaiting some more pics! love you!!!